Be Present: Conner’s 2018 Resolution

I cannot believe 2017 is already over! From graduating college, to starting my first job, to moving to a new city, what an exciting year of change. I am so thankful for my job at the Georgia Prevention Project and to all of you for offering your support this year. It has truly been empowering to meet people all across Georgia who are committed to ending substance abuse in their communities.

When reflecting on 2017, I wanted to create a New Year’s resolution that is something simple and can be done everyday. After a few minutes, the first thing that popped into my mind is “be present.”

We have all been sitting in a coffee shop, restaurant, or mall and noticed a group of people staring at their cell phones, completely oblivious to the world around them. Sometimes, I have been that person in the group staring at my cell phone. To me, being present is so much more than physically being there.

There are 4 ways I am going to strive to be present in 2018:

    1. Always be appreciative of where I am, and not strive to be somewhere else
    1. Always find the positive in a situation
    1. Take time for myself and practice self-care
    1. Be attentive to those around me and the events around me. Capturing a video of a song at a concert or watching the latest YouTube video over lunch can wait.

I hope everyone has a 2018 full of friends, family, and happiness! Your life is happening now- seize it and make it amazing.

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