Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving should be a time to reflect on why you’re thankful and spend quality time with your friends and family (and eat amazing food!). However, some people don’t get the opportunity to do that. Thanksgiving is the #1 day for overdoses in the U.S. Although this is an extremely sad fact, it is important to know your triggers and plan a course of action for when you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed. Go for a quick walk and recoup, spend time with younger family members, or excuse yourself for some quiet time in your room. Whatever your plan may be, don’t let it include prescription drug abuse, and remember to have a safe and healthy Thanksgiving holiday! What are you feeling Thankful for? Try this 30 Day Challenge to focus on being thankful & appreciative:

30 Day Challenge to Be Thankful and Appreciative

Use this challenge to express how you feel creatively with posts, pictures, videos, etc. about each topic. Use the hashtag #Gratitude30


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