Meth Awareness Week

We’ve just wrapped up Meth Awareness Week and want to highlight additional information you can share with your own family members and friends! Methamphetamine is a highly addictive synthetic stimulant that affects the pleasure centers of the brain. It is considered one of the most highly addictive substances known, with a recovery rate of less than 5%. Because this is such a dangerous and addictive substance it’s important to share the risks of meth use with others – Speak Up and let your voice be heard!

It’s important to know that the ingredients used to make meth are incredibly dangerous by themselves – hydrochloric acid that can eat away human flesh is just one example. Like other substances meth alters a user’s brain chemistry which is what leads to addiction. Addiction is a disease of the brain which is why it becomes so difficult for someone using, to stop. Even if relationships are destroyed, jobs are lost, and their behaviors start to lead to things they thought they would never do – the disease makes it difficult to stop use.

Meth use ultimately causes internal and external changes which can include psychosis – an extreme form of paranoia as well as imagining bugs crawling over their skin. External changes to the skin and teeth as well as internal issues with organs and the heart are just some of the negative impacts someone may experience.

While national trends are showing declines, meth abuse continues to exhibit regional variability. Using meth even once can be deadly. For more information check out our Meth Prevention Lesson. #NotEvenOnce

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