Summer Safety Event

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you can’t raise awareness of the misuse and abuse of prescription drugs on your campus! We encourage our College Prevention Partnership members to do events year round when possible to continue the efforts of encouraging students to not misuse or abuse prescription medications as well as to take their prescribed medications correctly.

On July 18th, our Kennesaw CPP group hosted a Summer Safety event to promote ways to have fun during the summer that are prescription drug and alcohol-free! The event took place on the Student Center Patio where students hangout in between classes as well as walk through to go to other classes. It was a perfect location on a nice sunny day!

For prescription drug misuse and abuse awareness, they did a twist on the popular “Pop-sicles Not Pills”. In order to receive a popsicle, the participating students were encouraged to write ways they like to de-stress that don’t involve prescription drugs. Some of the examples the CPP members wrote were “I like to de-stress with pizza” or “I like to de-stress by playing with my dog”. Something interesting that the CPP group did was that the pieces of paper the students wrote ways to de-stress on were little cutouts of prescription drug bottles. Once the students wrote their de-stresser on the paper cutout, they would put the “prescription drug bottle” in the “prescription dropbox”.

This event gave the CPP students a chance to share information about prescription dropboxes. Some of the information and questions they asked were: “Do you know what a prescription dropbox is?”, “We have a prescription dropbox on campus, do you know where it is located?”, and “The prescription dropbox is located at the campus police station,”. This was a great way for the CPP members to spread awareness of the dropbox on campus and answer any questions that the students may have regarding prescription dropboxes. The CPP had over 40 students participate in the event as well as several others who had shown interest in what information the CPP was sharing.

Stay tuned to see what our amazing CPP groups will do next!

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