TAC is Back and Ready To Act!!

Last year, GPP developed Teen Advisory Council (TAC)! We were able to partner with six schools for a great opportunity to further the GPP mission. The program formed school partnerships with the following counties: Newton, DeKalb, Cobb, Fulton, Cherokee, and Gwinnett. At each school with a TAC, students will lead the charge in educating their peers, and creating change through local, prevention-focus events they hold in their various communities. TAC will continue this school year in the same counties.

Due to last years success, the TAC program is now growing! Pope High School in Cobb County is in the process of developing a TAC to aid with prevention efforts in their community. GPP set up a table during lunch at Pope to recruit students. There was a great response by the students and we are so excited to watch the program thrive at Pope.

GPP would also like to highlight two awesome TAC students: Kayla from Newton High School and Joyce from Lassiter High School. Both of them traveled to Savannah to help GPP present about TAC at the Georgia School of Addiction Studies Conference. They did AMAZING!! We are so thankful for their hard work in preparing for the conference and their dedication to TAC.

The TAC Summit will take place in October and give teens the opportunity to meet other school participants. During this summit, TAC students will be trained to facilitate drug prevention lessons and begin planning events for the new school year. We hope to continue to give youth the power to voice their ideas and implement them both on their school campuses as well as in their communities. Teens are the key players in influencing their peers to not use/abuse drugs. We are so thrilled with the outpouring of support from the schools and excitement from teens! Together they can and will make a difference!

If you’d like to get involved with TAC, check out our Teen Advisory Council page, under Resources on our website and send us an email at TAC@georgiapreventionproject.org!

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