Veterans Day 2017

Veterans Day is a time to remember and celebrate the people who have made sacrifices to serve in the military. If you have a veteran in your life, you know the toll that service can take. Mental health issues, including substance abuse, are common among men and women who have seen combat overseas. We should all recognize this struggle and be more aware of the issue. With awareness comes understanding, compassion and real change.

5 Facts About Veterans and Substance Abuse

  1. Prescription drug abuse/misuse is on the rise among veterans.
  2. 1 in 8 troops gets treatment for alcohol abuse after returning from overseas.
  3. Suicide in the military is on the rise and 1/3 of suicides include prescription drug abuse.
  4. Nearly 1/4 of veterans with PTSD will develop a substance abuse problem.
  5. Mental health care is crucial to these important people, and they deserve to have the best treatment modern medicine can offer.

On this Veterans Day, and always, make sure to thank those who have served to protect our nation!

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