About Us

The Georgia Prevention Project is a statewide prevention program aimed at reducing the use of dangerous drugs among teens and young adults. We accomplish our work through awareness campaigns, educational programming, and strategic partnerships with national and community-based organizations.

The Georgia Prevention Project evolved from the Georgia Meth Project. Riding the momentum of the successful “Not Even Once” meth prevention campaign, The Georgia Prevention Project is poised to multiply its impact even further by expanding its focus to include prescription drug misuse, heroin, and other opioids.

Our areas of focus are determined by the latest research indicating current drug trends posing the greatest risks and danger to Georgia’s youth. Georgia survey statistics show there were 1,446 total overdose deaths and 866 opioid-involved overdose deaths in 2018. Nationally, on average, someone in the United States dies from a drug overdose about every 8 minutes.

Prevention remains the best way to change perceptions of harm, and long-term behaviors, and is especially relevant as increases in drug overdose-involved ED visits appear to overlap with the emergence of COVID-19.

Our peer to peer education work, through the Teen Advisory Council, is also critical. In 2020, 70% of people who misused prescription drugs obtained them non-medically from family or friends and according to the Georgia Student Health Survey, the percentage of high school students in Georgia perceiving no or slight risk of harm from substance use increased from 49.11% in 2016 to 51.06% in 2018. Together we can make a difference and reverse these trends.

The Georgia Prevention Project will continue its strong focus on the Meth problem while helping bring attention to new threats to the health and future of our youth.


Our mission is to partner with community members, schools, and prevention professionals to develop strategy, build coalitions, and provide drug education and resources to prevent substance misuse among teens and young adults in GA.


Our vision is to become the leading authority for substance prevention, drug education, and advocacy so all Georgia youth will be able to live their lives free of substance misuse.