Back to School! Early?! Online?!

School and classes are coming sooner than ever for students, parents, and teachers, and getting back into a routine, especially after a long and unconventional summer, may be more difficult than usual. Here are some tips to help you and your loved ones get back into the swing of things and get an early start to a GREAT year!

New School Year Tips:

  • Contact the school district early, before school starts or as soon as possible, if you have any questions, issues, or need help and resources to navigate the new school year.
  • Try to get back into the swing of things early!
    • Make a routine
    • Get to bed earlier
    • Create a planner
  • Mentally prepare yourself for returning in person or virtually.
    • Online classes are less structured, so remaining caught up and on top of work is important.
    • If online, try to set aside or dedicate a space to do your online learning. This will help you stay motivated and separate the schoolwork you have to do with home life.
    • Use facetime and video calls to stay connected with friends!
  • Set goals
    • Setting small work goals and progress goals can ensure work is getting done in a timely manner and give a feeling of satisfaction when completed!
  • Take breaks!
    • Take a walk outside, play a board game or sport with friends, read a book for fun.
    • Make sure to stay safe and social distance/wear masks if going in public!

Most importantly, stay positive and have an amazing year!!!

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