Communities Unite Against Drug Abuse

We’ve been busy this fall, meeting caring individuals from all over Georgia who are dedicated to preventing drug abuse. From nurses, to teachers, social workers, and families our staff has been out and about training others about prescription drug abuse, meth, and heroin. We’re dedicated to preventing youth and young adults from ever going down a path of substance abuse and greatly appreciate all of the support we have received from teens, parents, and the community at large.

Our Community Outreach Specialist, Tiffany, and Program Coordinator, Courtney, traveled down to Macon, Ga conducting a training for the School Social Workers Association of Georgia’s (SSWAG) Fall Institute. Tiffany and Courtney opened the session with a high stake scavenger hunt, and emoji game that got participants up and moving as they enjoyed working off their lasagna and tackling Courtney in the process. After getting the fun started, they got down to business facilitating a training on our Not Prescribed lesson and Parent 360 video. Each participant left with the tools needed to have healthy conversations with their students about prescription drug abuse and the ways to prevent misuse.

Next up, Tiffany and Courtney will hit the road and head to LaGrange, Georgia for PreventEvent 2016. Hosted by Twin Cedars and held at LaGrange College, the event includes attendees from law enforcement, local schools, the mental health field, as well as parents and many others. In its 3rd year, the event aims to provide substance abuse prevention training to community members, all at no cost to attendees. The event will not only make participants more aware of the dangers of Rx abuse, and what they can do to prevent misuse/abuse in their own communities, but will also include a breakout session by Tiffany and Courtney on how to effectively use social media to reach the masses with awareness and educational campaigns.

More to come…Keep an eye out for information about the upcoming Rx Abuse + Heroin Summit that we’re hosting with the Northwest Family YMCA. The event will take place December 4th from 5 – 7 pm and all are welcome. Any parents or teens who want to grow more knowledgeable about the opioid epidemic and how to safeguard their homes, educate others, and take action in their communities should plan to attend.

We look forward to all the exciting events to come and hope that you’ll consider volunteering with us and showing your support in the fight against drug abuse!

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