CPP Senior Spotlight: Jordyn

Our CPP program is full of so many awesome college students who are passionate about making a difference on their campus and in their community. We want to take the opportunity to highlight one of our awesome CPP seniors who recently graduated and hear about her experience as a CPP member.

“My name is Jordyn Easterling. I served as the Undergraduate Public Health Club President at Georgia State University for the 2020-2021 period. We as a club had the honor of partnering with Georgia Prevention Project for their College Prevention Partnership during this period, and even in previous years under previous executive boards. Myself and Sofina Tran served as the main leads for this partnership in helping organize events, activities, educational material, and community engagement.

I first became interested in overdose/substance prevention when I lost a friend in high school due to overdose and lack of knowledge on what to do if you are a witness to overdose. This, along with my family history of drug misuse helped to inspire me to create my own way of educating the community through art. I started collecting pill bottles to create a life size statue of a large pill bottle with the goal of getting 1,000 and had people send pill bottles from all over the states to me, some sending them because they had lost a loved one to overdose and wanted to support my movement. Although I have not finished this project, I hope to soon finish it and have it displayed at various community centers to help bring awareness to the opioid epidemic in America.

When I discovered CPP I loved the initiative it was taking in action to make college students and high school students aware of the risk and teach them how to handle the situation if they ever are a witness to overdose. Within the club, one of our favorite events in the past was the Naloxone Training Event we hosted which not only provided education but also a story of a loved one lost to overdose.

Working with the CPP and being a part of this community during this past year has been wonderful and Allie Tomlinson (Winkleman) was one of the best facilitators and program managers! She continues to show her compassion and care for the students involved and she works to build relationships with the students, which I always loved about her! She makes the meetings exciting and even through the trials that Covid-19 placed on our student involvement, she still showed up and put her best effort forward for us and I really appreciate that. I have recommended to the new Executive Board for UPHC to continue to partner with CPP because I truly believe it has the capacity to educate students, which in return helps to improve our public health knowledge and helps prevent drug misuse and overdose among college students and shapes the future to help end opioid overdoses.”

Thank you Jordyn for such kind words and for your passion to help others! We wish you all the best in your future endeavors and hope to hear from you in the future.

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