CPP Virtual Fall Summit Recap

Thank you to everyone who joined our CPP Virtual Fall Summit that we hosted in mid-October! We had several CPP members from across Georgia come together to brainstorm their ideas, challenges their CPP was facing, and had an opportunity to share their plans for the semester. The CPP enjoyed being able to meet virtually with other members and have a chance to interact with one another.

In addition to the CPP Share Out portion, there was also an awesome guest speaker Neil Campbell. Neil Campbell, MS is the Executive Director of the Georgia Council on Substance Abuse, a nonprofit organization dedicated to building and supporting community alliances to reduce the impact of addiction through education, advocacy, and training. She shared several great resources as well as answered the many questions several of the CPP members had in the chat.

The virtual event was also an opportunity to learn some more prevention education regarding substance misuse in the form of a fun Kahoot game! Congrats to our Kahoot winners: Rhea, Kendall, and Angel . Additional congrats to our RSVP winner: Alex and our Most Valuable Preventionst (MVP): Logan. We hope all of our CPP members had a great time and learned some new information!

Did you miss out on the CPP Virtual Fall Summit? Check out our TikTok @GaPrevention for a quick recap. Are you interested in watching the full recording? You can check it out on our Traineaze platform by following this link: https://gapreventionproject.traineaze.com/Course/View/1b1a142e-cd35-ec11-944b-0a331212b177/Guest. If you have any questions, please email our Program Coordinator Rachel (rmatton@georgiapreventionproject.org) for Traineaze support.

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