GA Teachers Get the Tools to Tackle Prescription Drug Abuse

Just because prescription medications are prescribed by a doctor doesn’t mean they’re harmless.

This is the primary message we’ve been trying to get to resonate with young people for the past year. Unfortunately, the misperception that prescription drugs are safer than illicit street drugs is contributing to the growing epidemic of prescription drug abuse.

Statistics indicate that every day 2,500 teens abuse prescription drugs for the first time. In fact, 7 million Americans (12 and older) abuse prescription drugs each year. So, it’s imperative that we get the prevention message to young people sooner rather than later.

With the limited availability of resources health and PE teachers are scrambling to find effective ways to address this growing issue in the classroom.

So, we wanted to equip health teachers in Georgia with the resources they need to deliver a quality prevention message. We began reaching out to them to share our “Not Prescribed” lesson.

The “Not Prescribed” lesson is an online, interactive tool that provides teens in middle and high schools with the science and the stories to understand the risks of misusing prescription drugs. It also provides them with the resources to manage their own health, as well as advocate for their peers health.

This standards-based lesson leverages personal testimonies from teens and their families through a compelling video and provides educators with a science based interactive presentation to facilitate conversation and learning.

Since we started promoting this free resource a couple of months ago, thousands of students have been taught this lesson.

Not only have the students responded well, but so have the teachers.

Lindsay Brenner is a teacher in Gwinnett County. She teaches health classes to sixth through eighth graders. She says the lesson is easy to facilitate and it saves her a lot of time from planning.

If you’re a teacher who wants to use this lesson, or you want to make it available to the teachers in your school, please send us an email to You can also access it from our website. Just click on the tab – “Resources for Educators.”

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