GPP Meth Messaging Strikes a Note with Nurses & Students

June was a busy time for us at GPP! Courtney and I [Tiffany] were just starting out with the organization, and already had the pleasure of attending the Georgia School Nurses Conference, and the Georgia PTA Convention Leadership Training. We also got involved out in the community, teaching our Not Prescribed and Meth Prevention lessons to three local recreation centers!

All of the information we offer is incredibly powerful, but I want to touch on the Meth lesson during this blog. Attending the GA School Nurses Conference gave me an opportunity to get an organic reaction from the school nurses and the students, about their knowledge of meth. From the nurses’ perspectives, they all mentioned experiences with the smell, the changes in mood, and the abnormal picking that comes with meth use. They noticed that there was an increase in students with self-inflicted wounds due to meth use, and the smell…they couldn’t forget the smell. One nurse mentioned that “Once you smell it, the horrible smell will forever be stamped in your brain.”

During our Meth Prevention Lesson presentation, students wondered why individuals would get involved with something as horrible as meth in the first place. Feelings of alarm circulated the room as the students went through our lesson and discovered that everyday household items were being used to create this dangerous drug. When a DEA agent in one of our videos mentioned that the slickness your skin has after touching Drano is actually your skin melting, a student stated that they would never put the ingredients found in Drano, nail polish, lye, or any of the other chemicals used, into their body. And yet, these dangerous chemicals are found in meth.

Learning about meth users’ frightening hallucinations of bugs crawling underneath their skin, to the uncontrollable tics, and hearing a teen, Tim, talk about not remembering months of his life, the students were shocked at the negative impact meth has on one’s life.

Meth is one of the most addictive substances known to man and using meth is a very dangerous journey to embark on. It was an honor to equip these students with the tools necessary to not try meth, Not Even Once, and to encourage them to share their knowledge with others. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our lesson at!

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