Know Naloxone: It Could Save a Life

If you weren’t able to join our Fall CPP Summit in October, we hosted a Naloxone training presented by Georgia Overdose Prevention. The Georgia Overdose Prevention’s mission is to educate Georgians about the new laws governing drug overdose incidents and to distribute opioid overdose rescue kits to anyone who knows a person at risk for opioid/opiate overdose. They created and were instrumental in the passage of Georgia’s 911 Medical Amnesty and Naloxone Access Law in 2014. They are a volunteer organization comprised of people whose lives have been impacted by the death of a friend or family member from opiates and opioids. Robin Elliott and Laurie Fugitt are two of the Georgia Overdose Prevention founders who have made it their life’s mission to help reduce the risk of overdose deaths.

 As founders of the Georgia Overdose Prevention, Laurie and Robin presented the Naloxone training to our CPP members in early October. The training consisted of personal testimonies as well as prevention education information. They discussed the Georgia 911 Medical Amnesty Law, and how they were able to get it passed in Georgia. They also discussed harm reduction tools such as Naloxone/Narcan, how to properly use it, and how someone can purchase Naloxone without needing a prescription.

This Fall CPP Summit was a great opportunity for our CPP members to interact with other CPP members across Georgia. Due to all of our CPP members attending different colleges miles apart, it can be difficult to get all our members together at the same time. This virtual summit gave our CPP members the ability to easily meet and interact with one another and learn about prevention efforts together. Thank you to everyone who attended! We hope you learned a lot and enjoyed meeting with other CPP members across Georgia. We hope to do another fun CPP summit in the spring! If you have a suggestion for a summit idea email our Program Coordinator

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