Listen: The QuaranTeen Club Podcast!

GPP is thrilled to highlight a new podcast, developed by a Teen Advisory Council (TAC) member! Sauyer is an 8th grade student in Georgia who is working towards her Silver Award in the Girl Scouts; she is also a dedicated TAC member at her school. TAC is a GPP program that focuses on developing youth leaders who can take charge of prevention efforts at their schools and in the community.

 Over the summer, Sauyer wanted to take action and spread awareness of how to positively cope during COVID-19. She knew that the world as we all knew it was changing and that many of her peers were struggling to adjust to a “new normal.” Taking the tools she learned through TAC and the Girl Scouts, she jumped into podcast development for the QuaranTeen Club!

 Now on Spotify, the podcast features 12 short & easy-to-listen to episodes with content geared towards her fellow teens. Episodes like “Build your Bounce,” and “Staying Connected” highlight how young people can find their purpose even during a pandemic. Her content includes tip, talks, and take action strategies that are perfect for all youth! She’s already working on Season 2, so don’t miss out!

To learn more about the podcast and what Sauyer is up to, follow & subscribe at: or check out her social media channels: @thequaranteenclub

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