MARCHing into Spring

We are closely approaching warmer weather (slowly but surely). Our CPP groups have been kicking butt collecting surveys, posting their Positive Social Norm Campaign materials, planning events, and meeting with each other to talk about their goals and ideas for the rest of the semester. Georgia Southern participated in a fun Jeopardy inspired trivia game at their most recent meeting. The group brushed up on their Rx information as well as learned new information they didn’t know. It gave the meeting a competitive touch that they really enjoyed! Oxford College wrote down their “sweet goals and ideas” for the semester while enjoying a delicious treat.

Our Georgia Tech CPP group was able to reach out to students on campus to discuss the importance of safe study habits. They encouraged students to prepare and study for upcoming midterms and not to rely on “study drugs” such as Adderall if it wasn’t prescribed to them. The other students on campus enjoyed discussing this issue with the group. The Georgia Tech group also got a chance to debut their Positive Social Norm Campaign materials on campus. We want to encourage all students to take the necessary steps to properly prepare for midterms by not procrastinating, getting plenty of sleep, and staying determined during this stressful time. We hope everybody succeeds through midterms and rewards themselves with a relaxing spring break!

March is a wonderful time to really push yourself to get over the hump of the semester. Are you getting ready to graduate? Are you already planning your fun summer trips? Are you applying to graduate school or submitting job applications? These are things that you shouldn’t procrastinate doing. Once you’re back from spring break, set some realistic goals this March to accomplish. May will be here in a blink of an eye! Put your best foot forward this March and really push yourself to to finish strong and to be the best version of yourself.

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