Meet Brigitte! GPP’s Community Outreach Specialist!

Hello Everyone! My name is Brigitte G. I am so thrilled to be the new Community Outreach Specialist for the Georgia Prevention Project. I am originally from Bogota, Colombia. I grew up in Alpharetta, Georgia and attended Kennesaw State University (KSU) in Kennesaw, Georgia. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Public Health Education.

When I was a freshman in college, I knew I wanted a career in healthcare. I started out as a nursing major, but I wasn’t very sure if I wanted to be a nurse. While taking core classes, I researched more on different careers in healthcare. Luckily, I crossed upon KSU’s Bachelor of Science Public Health Education degree program. I began taking their Public Health Introduction class and fell in love with this major. I realized prevention and education can make an impact in many communities. This is when I knew I wanted to serve and make a difference in the world. I finally declared Public Health Education as my major. During my time at KSU, I was a Peer Health Outreach & Wellness Leader (OWL) as part of Kennesaw State University’s Peer Health Education Program. In this program, I taught multiple health topics through events and presentations including alcohol and drug abuse awareness. During my senior year of college, I studied abroad in the Dominican Republic emphasizing health prevention and community empowerment. As a result, I proudly received KSU’s Global Engagement Certification.

After studying abroad in Dominican Republic, I started my internship at the Community Education and Outreach Department for WellStar HealthCare System. I helped organize many of the department’s health prevention programs and worked on research projects that focused on sponsorships and community resources. Upon completing my internship, I managed to take on two roles within WellStar as a Lifestyle Instructor (Health Educator) and as a Women’s Health Associate. In my role as a Lifestyle Instructor, I educated elementary school students on different health education and prevention topics. In addition, I promoted WellStar’s programs at community events throughout the Atlanta area. As a Women’s Health Associate, I educated and provided postnatal care resources, educated on car seats, and conducted prenatal tours for future patients. I am also certified as a medical interpreter since I realized the importance of communicating in Spanish within the Hispanic population.

I am very passionate about working with various populations, so I am excited to continue my health promotion role through the Georgia Prevention Project. I believe prevention is key and I am eager to enhance my career working with youth while preventing drug abuse.


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