Meet Courtney: GPP Program Coordinator

Life has a funny way of making everything work out. A little over two months ago, I was preparing to cross the stage to receive my Master of Social Work degree. Like many soon to be graduates, I felt paralyzed by the anxiety and anticipation of what was to come next. Would I find a job that allowed me to do what I love? Would I have to keep waiting tables for the rest of my life? Should I abandon the job search and just go “find myself” on a backpacking trip across Europe or Asia? Would anyone even want to hire a 23 year old fresh out of college?

A few days before graduation, I was presented with the opportunity to apply for the Program Coordinator position at the Georgia Prevention Project. I knew very little about the agency, but after reading about their mission and all the amazing work they do in our community, it was as if destiny slapped me across the face. Here’s why:

Last summer, I received word that someone very close to my family was struggling with an addiction to heroin. The news crushed my family, and broke my heart. For months after receiving this news, I found myself wondering how this could have happened to him, a very bright and successful young adult. I asked him once if he knew what he was getting into, if he knew the dangers of consequences of taking such a dangerous drug. His response? “Not really.” I spent the last year of school thinking of ways my careers and passions could intersect in way that would help people like him, but I couldn’t quite figure it out. When I was offered the position with the Georgia Prevention Project, all the pieces came together, and I knew this is where I was meant to be.

See, you never think that someone in your family, someone in your friend group, someone in your life could become addicted to drugs. You never think that your significant other, your sorority sister, your best friend will experiment with heroin, prescription drugs or meth. But it is happening all around us, at an increasingly rapid rate. I’ve seen it first hand in my family, amongst my coworkers and across my college campus. That is why the awareness initiatives and prevention work of the Georgia Prevention Project are crucial to the health and success of young people living in our communities. I am honored to join the Georgia Prevention Project in their mission to prevent substance abuse among teens and young adults, and look forward to embarking on this journey with all of our wonderful supporters, volunteers and community advocates!

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