Meet TAC Senior, Jessica!

Jessica has been with the Newton High School TAC for 3 semesters. She has enjoyed working with her peers and going to fun places with friends she’s made along the way. She recommends joining TAC if you want to meet new people and learn more about substance misuse and how to fight it.  After graduating Jessica plans on going to college to study aviation and flight!

Some parting words from Jessica for upcoming freshman: “It may be just the beginning, but it will go by in the blink of an eye. Just take it easy and participate. Get yourself involved in things to get more recognition.” Well said!

And for next year’s seniors: “It’ll be a little stressful because you have to keep up with your grades, take national tests like the SAT, and ACT, get scholarships and apply to college…but after all it’ll be worth it. Just take it one step at a time!” We couldn’t agree more.

While for some getting out of high school can’t happen soon enough, we often forget to look back and realize what we’ll miss. Jessica will miss the amazing teachers who helped her through, and the friends she has made over time!

Congratulations Jessica! (or should we say “Congraduations” haha)

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