Senior Spotlight: Lacey T at Georgia Southern University

Our College Prevention Partnership program is one of our greatest assets to help raise awareness of the nonmedical use of prescription drugs among the college population. They are at an age where they understand the importance of raising awareness of important issues through peer to peer education. We took a leap of faith by trying something new with our CPP groups. We chose to incorporate student liaisons to help make the CPP groups more effective and sustainable along with helping students in this role gain valuable leadership experience. It also relieved some pressure off of the faculty advisors by having a helping hand during high workload times during the semester. In this blog post we will be having one of our graduating student liaisons, Lacey Thurman, share her experience of not only being a great CPP member but also stepping up and being an awesome student liaison.

“I have been a student liaison at Georgia Southern University for two semesters. After being a Wellness Ambassador with our University Wellness Program for two years, I decided that I wanted to further develop my knowledge of prescription drug misuse. My advisor told me about an opportunity with the Georgia Prevention Project that would allow me to do just that. After receiving training from Allie Winkleman, I was able to plan a couple of events throughout the school year aimed at educating students on the dangers of the nonmedical use of prescription drugs.

My favorite event that I helped plan at Georgia Southern University was “Don’t Bottle It Up”. This event took place in our library lobby a couple of weeks before finals week. We partnered with our campus’ Public Safety to have a prescription drug drop-off box at the event, as well as an officer to inform students about how to use them and where to find them. We also had a couple of activities to engage students in conversation about prescription drugs. At our table “Pop Culture, Not Pills”, we had students pick out a song lyric from a basket and talk about the way that the song portrayed prescription drugs. Students loved how this activity brought the prevalence of prescription drugs in their favorite songs to their attention. Many students did not even realize how much they were exposed to songs about prescription drug use. We also had a Prescription Drug Jeopardy board, where students could test their knowledge about prescription drug facts and information about the effects of prescription drug misuse. Giveaways and snacks added a way to draw students in so that they could learn more about prescription drug the nonmedical use of prescription drugs and join in on our conversation.

Being a student liaison allowed me to be creative in planning events that would really get through to our students at Georgia Southern. It also allowed me to have productive conversations with students. I talked with many students at our events about how they did not even realize how harmful misusing prescription drugs could be. I feel that I have made an impact in addressing prescription drug misuse on our campus. As I am graduating this semester, I will look back at which opportunities helped me develop as a leader the most. Being a student liaison will definitely be one of them!”

We have greatly enjoyed having you as a CPP member and student liaison. We wish you all the luck in your future endeavors!

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