Spring Cleaning

With summer fast approaching we want to remind you that it’s not too late to do some

spring cleaning!! We aren’t just talking about ridding the closets of old clothes and worn out shoes but about getting rid of your old prescription medicine. First, we would like to bring awareness to the DEA National Prescription Drug Take Back day. It takes place every year to provide people across the nation an opportunity to safely dispose of their old prescription medicines. From icy hot cream to heavy duty pain medication, they take it all! This year we were able to collect over 90 pounds of old medication at one location alone. With that being said, it is never a bad time to dispose of your old medication! Here are some quick tips and tricks on how to safely clean out your medicine cabinets all year long!

1. Prescription and over the counter medication:
• The best way to dispose of these drugs is to start by taking them out of their original container and mixing the contents with something undesirable like cat litter, or dirt. This helps make the medicine look less appealing to anyone who may intentionally go through the trash. Finally, you want to make sure to scratch off any information on your old prescription packages to protect your identity, and privacy.

2. Inhaler Products:
• The best way to dispose of inhalers is to follow the rules on the packaging. The main concern with this form of medication is that it can be dangerous if the medicine is punctured or exposed to extreme heat. You can also contact your trash and recycling facility to learn more about the best way to dispose of this form of medication.

3. Dispose Rx:
• Dispose Rx is a product that helps make drug disposal easy. When mixed with water and your medication of choice, it dissolves the medicine right before your eyes. The left-over concoction is then safe to throw away into your trash.

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