Summer Youth Programs with GPP!

Is your summer youth program looking for educational activities to share with youth in the upcoming generations? We’ve got you covered! With our Teen Reality Party skit and Not Prescribed lesson, your youth are sure to have a fun time while engaging and learning about the prevention of substance misuse.

Teen Reality Party is an interactive skit with a guided facilitation that is youth-led and adult-supported. The TRP showcases four friends in high school and the various outcomes each youth experiences while at a party where people are mixing prescription drugs and alcohol. Youth will reflect and explore how risk and protective factors can influence outcomes in their own lives. Participants will also walk away with a plan on how to respond if they are approached to use and misuse substances.

Not Prescribed is an online presentation that focuses on prescription drug misuse prevention and opioids. This lesson provides interactive activities, realistic scenarios, and conversation starters. You can preview the lesson at Make sure to select “GA” to receive information specific to our state.

We would love to come out and meet with your youth this summer, like we have many other youth programs across Georgia!

If you are interested in this opportunity, don’t hesitate to contact us at Let’s partner!

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