TAC Fall Virtual Summit 2021

The Teen Advisory Council program kicked off the semester better than ever! Last month, TAC had their Fall Virtual Summit, and it was a success! We had about 67 participants join us from 7 different TAC groups throughout Georgia! Students had a chance to learn about TAC, Positive Youth Development (PYD), the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF), and Red Ribbon Week. It was filled with tons of games and discussions that had everyone hooked.

We started off the event by playing “Who’s that?” celebrity edition and music charades to get students’ attention! Then, we had students share who they were and say something about themselves. As soon as we got all the students pumped, we introduced the TAC program, which is a group of strong leaders making a difference in the lives of their peers by promoting healthy living and educating others about the risk of substance misuse. They are also able to develop leadership skills, gain community service hours, go on field trips, plan prevention activities, and practice their public speaking skills. TAC is all about Positive Youth Development, which is why we had students discuss why each PYD component is important and how they will work on it this school year. In addition, our old and new members said why they are passionate about TAC. Based on everyone’s responses, all our TAC members want to make a difference at their schools and make changes.

Since our TAC members want to make a difference, we used questions from the Georgia Student Health Survey and created a fun Kahoot game for students to understand the impact of substance misuse and mental health. After this our students were even more passionate to make a change, so we introduced the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF), the planning process for preventing substance use and misuse. We figured we would start putting them to the test to start using the SPF by planning for Red Ribbon Week. We put students into breakout rooms to start planning! Every group shared their ideas, and they can’t wait to start implementing their Red Ribbon Week ideas this year!

We ended the summit by announcing 14 giveaways as well as congratulating Wheeler High School for having the most participants. They will be having a pizza party in their next meeting! It was a great start to the semester, and we are so thrilled to see what all of the TAC groups plan to do this school year! It was such a successful event, and we hope to bring more new schools to join our program! We are recruiting this semester! If you are interested in starting a TAC at your school, please click on the link below.


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