TAC Senior Spotlight: Monee, Jnae, & Ayanna

We are so lucky to have so many awesome TAC members! We want to highlight some of our recent TAC seniors and hear their experiences from being a part of our TAC program.

 Monee and Jnae have been a part of TAC since the end of their sophomore year and this has been one of their best highschool experiences. Going to the meetings every week was something they looked forward to because they have so much fun! Being part of TAC helped them during COVID-19 because they said they talked to people who they can relate to. They are both attending Berry College in the fall and can’t wait for this new step in their lives.

 Ayanna has been with Kennesaw Mountain High School TAC for 2 years. She enjoys giving back to her community while also getting to know her peers. She recommends joining TAC if you want to educate others on healthy living and the risks of substance misuse while also learning new information along the way. After graduating, Ayanna plans to attend Spelman College to study Psychology. Some parting words for incoming freshman: “Try to join service clubs like TAC early on because you can be exposed to rewarding opportunities that will help your development. Time flies so fast so remember to enjoy your high school years and make memories.” For next year’s seniors: “Although senior year comes with figuring out what your next steps after high school are, don’t let the stress and worry of it all define your time spent. Cherish this year and go forward with a smile!” Ayanna will miss the friends she made and the activities she got to partake in throughout high school.

 Thank you Monee, Jnae, and Ayanna for being part of TAC! We will miss you and wish you all the best!

 If you or someone you know is interested in joining our TAC program, email info@georgiapreventionproject.org for more information.

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