Taking Over the Take-Back Days!

Our College Prevention Partnership groups had some awesome and successful events in October. We had not only one but two CPP campus Rx drug take-back days!

The Georgia Tech CPP and Georgia College CPP are among the eleven CPP campuses who hosted an on-campus Take-Back Day. The two campuses combined had over 15 students who actively disposed of their prescription medications at the event. In addition to the number of students who disposed of their Rx drugs, there were over 200 students who attended the events, participated in the fun activities, and received resources related to prescription drug misuse education. It was also great to be able to collaborate with the on-campus police department to make the events even more successful!

Several of the remaining CPP groups hosted events in order to promote the DEA Take-Back Day as well as inform students on where to go in order to dispose of their medications on campus.

Our UGA CPP hosted a Pharmtoberfest event where several organizations were involved in the fun festivities. The CPP members demonstrated how to properly dispose of their medications using kitty litter and Tic Tacs to represent their prescription medications. Using kitty litter or ground up coffee grounds can be used as an alternative way to dispose of prescription medications when access to a prescription drug dropbox is limited.

Looking for a drobox site near you? Most colleges in Georgia have one on campus and your local Sherriff’s Office is another great spot to anonymously drop off unused or expired meds.

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