Thanksgiving and SUD’s

 The holiday season is right around the corner!! With Thanksgiving quickly approaching most of us are preparing for a week of good eating, football watching, and spending time with the people we care most about. However, for others the holiday season can bring on feelings of loneliness, stress, anxiety, and can even trigger a person with a substance use disorder to relapse. This is why we believe that it’s important to understand not only how to be mindful of an individual with a substance use disorder, but to also understand how you can give back to the communities who struggle with substance misuse. Check out our tips below to learn how you can get into the spirit of Giving this year! 

For Those Who Struggle With A Substance Use Disorder 

1. Bring your own beverage- Family get togethers during the holiday season can often accompany various alcoholic beverages. To avoid peer pressure, it could help to bring your own beverage of choice such as non-alcoholic seltzer, apple cider, or Mocktails! 

2. Practice Thankfulness- Thanksgiving could be the perfect time to take a step back and admire how far you’ve come! Wherever you are on your journey be sure to acknowledge all of the work that you’ve done throughout recovery. Give thanks not only to those who have supported you but yourself as well. 

3. Have a plan- Be aware of potential triggers that could come up during this time of year and have a plan! This could look like having a designated sober friend around to support you or it could look like creating a backup plan in the event that the family event is becoming too stressful or toxic. 

4. Allow yourself to have real fun- Create fun, NEW traditions that don’t include misusing a variety of substances. 

For Those Wanting to Give Back This Season 

  • Volunteer at an addiction treatment/ recovery center. 
  • Go further than donating and start a fundraiser for a non-profit who fights for those who struggle with SUD 
  • Become a sponsor 
  • Donate to a food drive 
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