The Ultimate Organization Guide

The beginning of the semester can be a busy and hectic time, but you can help manage some of those stressors by having a game plan! Organization can be key for preparing for the semester and staying on top of your work and classes. Check out this ultimate organization guide to help you be your most organized self this fall!

  • How to Plan:
    • Fill out a planner for the whole semester
      • Fill in every exam, homework due dates, and assignments
      • Divide assignments by week
    • Set goals each month
      • Write down action steps to make progress
  • Keep your Space Clean:
    • Invest in a desk organizer for pens, chargers, and notebooks
    • No matter how tired you are (believe me I’ve been there) try your best to make your bed in the morning and pick up dirty clothes
      • This will make your room look cleaner and reduce stress
  • Take Notes:
    • Keep separate notebooks for each class
    • Rewrite your notes for memorization
    • Come up with your own unique way of notetaking
      • This way you will know exactly where to look for the information you need
  • Make time for yourself:
    • Make time to study
    • Quizlet is a great app for studying but in a fun way!
    • Leave time for social activities (you deserve it!)
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