Tips to Relieve Anxiety During COVID-19

As the novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, brings bad news, it also brings anxieties about these unprecedented times. We understand, but we’re finding ways to cope with the uncertainty and share them with you.

Since most of us are practicing social distancing now, it can be easy to find yourself stuck watching or reading the news at home. Remember to take a break; seeing so much negative information repeatedly can have an adverse impact on your mental well-being. Instead, use technology to connect with those you couldn’t otherwise due to social distancing. Video chat, call, or text family or friends! Interaction, even if more than six feet apart, can do wonders to elevate your mood. Try to keep talk of the virus to a minimum – we understand that it’s hard not to talk about it, but there are other things going on in the world, too, so try not to burden yourself too much.

If you have the extra time, you could always benefit from quiet time with just you and yourself. Try listening to your favorite tunes; dance and sing like no one is watching! If you need a little more, now is a perfect time to try that cookie recipe you haven’t gotten around to or maybe do the laundry that’s been sitting there for a while. You will feel more at ease once you give yourself tasks to accomplish without the stress of the outside world. Little goals throughout the day can give you a boost as you cope with a new routine.

Most importantly, don’t forget to take care of yourself as you navigate new waters. Try your best to ensure you and your family are eating healthy, balanced meals. Avoid drugs and alcohol as they can depress your mood and elevate stress levels. Exercise as regularly as you can – 60 minutes a day is always best, but even ten minute work-out breaks will benefit your body and mind. Drink plenty of water, and above all, take deep breaths!

We understand the worries you may be having and know that some anxiety about the topic isn’t a bad thing as long as you don’t let it overrun your life. Try to find a schedule or routine that suits your needs and keeps you in control and remember to stay in contact with your loved-ones and out of contact with too much media. You’re not alone in this – we will figure it out together!

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