Vaping Prevention Series

Did you miss out in the Vaping Prevention Series? Don’t you worry! We’ve got you!

The Vaping Prevention Series was a 4-part webinar series created by Youth for Youth to end youth vaping. Kennesaw Mountain High School kicked off the first part of the series talking about vaping and common misbeliefs. Champion Middle School led the second part of the series discussing the prevalence rates and how the tobacco market targets the youth. Participants in both series engaged in numerous activities including icebreakers, matching games, breakout rooms, and Kahoots to get the youth pumped and active! The part 3 series was hosted by Newton High School and Hancock Middle School highlighting how the brain is affected by vaping. It ended with an incredibly fun and interactive virtual Jeopardy game! Walton High School and Wheeler High School hosted the part 4 series. This one talked about quitting vaping and how to be a supportive peer. It gave the opportunity for the participants to act out how they would say “no” in peer pressuring situations! It was quite entertaining and fun to watch! All of the series were educational, interactive, and fun webinars that motivated young participants to be part of the movement to end youth vaping and make a change! In addition, all the youth groups that led the events were enthusiastic, knowledgeable, well-spoken, and passionate to make a difference.

Now that it is over, we want to thank all the community groups, schools, teachers, leaders, and all the youth that supported us! With resounding testament of appreciation for this series, we hope to make this content available to educators in the future. Through this we hope to continue our work to END youth vaping. Our work will be available through our Traineaze platform in the coming future. However, for the time being we are offering a free informational packet for everyone and the recordings of the Vaping Prevention Series, which covers all that was discussed throughout the series. If you or someone you know is interested in this information, please email Brigitte at

Lastly, check out our latest Tik Tok video and watch a glimpse of the Vaping Prevention Series.

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