Welcome GPP Summer Intern: Sydney!

Hi everyone! My name is Sydney O. and I am the new summer intern for GPP. Right now Iā€™m finishing up my last semester as a KSU Owl (hooty hoo!) with a major in public health education and a minor in psychology. I love to travel more than anything and plan to attend Mercer in the fall to seek out travel nursing.

I was born and raised in Lexington, Kentucky by my grandparents, who for some reason enrolled me in a Spanish Immersion School, so starting in kindergarten I was learning two languages. I moved to Marietta, Georgia at the age of 13 and I have loved it ever since. My biggest supporter throughout the chaos that is my life, has been my grandma. After my mother and father were unable to care for me due to drug and alcohol addiction, my grandparents took me in (after already surviving three girls of her own) and has raised me to this day to be the woman I am proud to be.

My personal ties to drug and alcohol misuse led me to apply for this internship. I love everything that the Georgia Prevention Project stands for, and I am curious to see the effects of drugs and alcohol from a new perspective. I am looking forward to a summer full of meeting new people, learning new information, and hopefully making even a small difference šŸ™‚

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