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A Look Back at Where Our Fight Against Meth Began

For more than a year, the Georgia Prevention Project has led a statewide drug-prevention program aimed at reducing the use of dangerous drugs among teens and young adults. The ability to continuously add to our program offerings and expand our community outreach is built on the strong foundation of the Georgia Meth Project.

As we look to future gains our organization will make by leveraging new strategies and tactics targeting teens, parents, school systems and communities, the Georgia Prevention Project celebrates advances and achievements to date.

In 2009, the Georgia Meth Project became a 501(c) (3) organization and successfully formed relationships with business leaders, educators and other nonprofit organizations. In its first four years of operation, the Georgia Meth Project raised more than $18 million in private donations and in-kind contributions.

In 2010, a targeted campaign kicked off with 23,000 primetime television ads, 26,000 radio spots and 600 billboards placed in Georgia. The powerful message emphasized that meth is not a drug anyone should experiment with—“Not Even Once.”

To see the shocking physical and emotional pain inflicted on those addicted and their families, as well as Georgia Prevention Project’s impact on the state since the initial launch, watch our latest Georgia Meth Project commercial.