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A Heartfelt “Thank You” to Chairman Shaw for His Vision, Leadership

Lee Shaw, co-founder of the Georgia Meth Project and its successor the Georgia Prevention Project, stepped down as chairman of the organization this past summer. He remains as a board member and advisor to GPP.

“After six years of great progress and rewarding work, it was time for me to step aside and let others take the lead,” Lee explained. “I believe it is a healthy process for all organizations to periodically change leadership.”

Lee helped create the Georgia Meth Project in 2008 after he was invited by then Georgia Attorney General Thurbert Baker to a meeting about the methamphetamine epidemic sweeping many parts of Georgia. Baker included technology entrepreneur Tom Siebel in the meeting who had created the Meth Project as a major initiative of the Siebel Foundation.

Since the creation of the Georgia Meth Project, the organization has raised more than $18 million in cash and in-kind media contributions from private and business sources. The organization rebranded itself earlier in 2014 as the Georgia Prevention Project in order to expand its drug prevention work beyond meth. GPP now continues to grow the Georgia Meth Project while also launching the Georgia RxAbuse Project to prevent abuse of prescription drugs in the state.

In addition to his continuing association with the Georgia Prevention Project, Lee will also continue as a member of the Board of Directors of the Partnership for Drug Free Kids, headquartered in New York City. The Partnership is the oldest drug-prevention organization in the United States. The Georgia Prevention Project is an affiliate of the Partnership.

“Thanks to Lee’s leadership, we have been able to save countless lives and families in Georgia from the devastating impact of methamphetamine.”

GPP Executive Director Jim Langford stated, “We are grateful for his energy, his commitment and his ongoing counsel to the organization.”