Community Pilot Program to Launch in Pickens County

The Georgia Prevention Project is excited to launch a new substance abuse prevention initiative—the Community Prevention Partnership (CPP). The objective of the CPP is to build local coalitions to prevent substance abuse in Georgia communities. The pilot of the new program will launch first in Pickens County and then spread to other outlying areas.

The goal is to target counties that have prevalent substance abuse problems—especially meth and prescription drugs. The Georgia Prevention Project will work with communities to create a customized program, packaged with on-site training, continued mentoring support and access to resources.

In March, more than 1,200 students at Pickens High School heard our lesson about the dangers of meth use and prescription drug abuse.

“The objective for the first year is to begin reaching into local communities by starting with three counties,” said Director of Programs Latrina Patrick. “We will work hand in-hand to get the citizens in those areas involved and on track for success.”

Upon completion of this process, these coalitions will become community-focused extensions of the Georgia Prevention Project. The project’s proven track record of success with implementing community programs will add credibility to these partnerships.