If you have a community event you'd like to invite us to participate in or if you'd like for us to share our Meth/Rx Abuse Prevention Lesson at your school, please send us an email to

Griffin High School

We kicked off April in an exciting way as we participated in a student-organized Health Fair on April 1, 2015. It centered around students making healthy and safe decisions and we shared our prevention message with them. It allowed us to reach a large number of juniors and seniors.

East Jackson High School

We traveled to Jackson County on April 2, 2015 to share our prevention message on meth use and prescription drug abuse with 9th graders at East Jackson High School. It is a great opportunity any time we can bring awareness to the dangers of these issues with high school students.

Gordon State College

We always enjoy working with college students and were excited to share our prescription drug abuse message with students at Gordon State College on April 14, 2015. Our college lesson includes discussion, skits, and videos about the dangers of prescription drug abuse. It is an interactive way to educate them on a problem that they can relate to.

Cousins Middle School

We had the opportunity to reach Cousins Middle School in Newton county and share our Meth prevention lesson with an awesome group of 7th graders on March 10, 2015. One of our volunteers, Becca Whitley, joined us and shared her experience with meth use.

GA State

We're thrilled to have partnered with another college, Georgia State University. We participated in their Health Fair on March 11, 2015 to promote students making safe decisions during their Spring Break. It gave us a chance to talk with several students about the dangers of prescription drug abuse.

Pickens High School

We had the amazing opportunity to reach over 1200 students with our message at Pickens High School on March 26, 2015. Pickens County has been very supportive of our mission and we have partnered with them in a number of ways. Their students were a captivated audience and we enjoyed sharing the dangers of meth use and prescription drug abuse with them.

East Jackson Middle School

We traveled to Jackson County on February 4, 2015 to share our message with 6th and 7th graders at East Jackson Middle School. Our message was well-received by the students and they learned about the dangers of meth use and prescription drug abuse.

Bagley Middle School

We had the opportunity to share our message with a great group of middle school students on February 9, 2015 in Murray County. They were very engaged in the presentation and enjoyed it so much that they wanted to take a selfie with our Program Coordinator - Ashley Sequens.

Rutland Middle & High School

On February 10 - 11, 2015, we were in Bibb County sharing the dangers of meth use and prescription drug abuse with students at Rutland Middle School and Rutland High School. In all, over 700 6th - 12th graders were reached and we always appreciate opportunities like this where so many students are reached.

Emory University

Our prescription drug abuse message was well-received by Emory University students on January 15, 2015. Students were surprised to learn about the dangers of abusing prescription drugs. Several of them had only heard the benefits of taking them, and were unaware of the potential dangers. We were excited to engage in discussion with them and have them participate in skits that resemble real-life scenarios.

Lumpkin County HS

We shared our Meth prevention lesson with 9th graders at Lumpkin County High school on January 20, 2015. We also had the opportunity to debut our prescription drug abuse lesson which includes discussion and video. The students were engaged throughout each of the lessons and we were thrilled to educate them on the dangers of meth use and prescription drug abuse.

Pepperell HS

Students in Floyd County received our “Not Even Once” message and our prescription drug abuse message on January 27, 2015. Over 150 9th graders gave their attention to our lesson covering meth use and prescription drug abuse and were engaged throughout our presentation.

Lamar County MS

We were invited to share our message with over 600 middle school students in Lamar County on January 29, 2015. It was a great opportunity for us to reach so many students and the cheerleaders and step team made us feel welcome by kicking off our presentation. We discussed the dangers of meth use and prescription drug abuse and were grateful for the student’s participation.

Georgia Southern Drug Take Back Day - November 11, 2014

On November 11, 2014, The Georgia Prevention Project had the opportunity to partner with Georgia Southern University in a Prescription Drug Take Back Day on campus. We are penetrating the state of Georgia with our Rx abuse prevention message. Several students participated by putting their unused or expired prescription drugs in the provided drop-box. It was a successful event of raising awareness to college students and we look forward to partnering with Georgia Southern University again in the future.

Sharing Our "Not Even Once" Message - Nov 10, 12, 2014

Coosa Middle School - The Georgia Prevention Project traveled to Floyd County on November 10, 2014 to share our “Not Even Once” message with over 150 7th and 8th graders. These students were very attentive, asked great questions, and several of those that received T-shirts were caught wearing them the rest of the day.

Edwards Middle School - The Georgia Prevention Project shared its Meth Prevention Lesson with over 200 6th graders in Rockdale County on November 12, 2014. The group of students seemed as excited to hear our message as we were to be there with them.

Teen Maze 2014 - October 29, 2014

On October 29, 2014, The Georgia Prevention Project had the chance to travel to Statesboro High School to participate in a Teen Maze, which is an interactive prevention activity for 10th graders. This event is hosted by the Bulloch Alcohol and Drug Council and is a community effort to bring information about healthy choices for our teens. The Teen Maze offers real-life scenarios of issues involving drugs and alcohol use or other risky behaviors and allows students to experience the consequences and effects of those choices in a safe environment.

Cartersville Middle School - October 29, 2014

Continuing Red Ribbon Week, The Georgia Prevention Project shared our Meth Prevention Lesson in Bartow County on October 29, 2014. We reached more than 150 7th and 8th graders at Cartersville Middle School and this photo captures them showing off their “Not Even Once” bracelets.

Georgia Tech Health Fair 2014 - October 28, 2014

Go T.E.C.H. (Teams Encouraging Campus Health) hosted its sixth annual Georgia Tech Health Fair on October 28, 2014. Go T.E.C.H.’s mission is to promote healthy living and utilization of resources on and off campus in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It was opportunity for The Georgia Prevention Project to have conversations with college students about prevention methods for Meth use and Rx abuse.

Red Ribbon Week - October 22, 2014

The state of Georgia kicked off Red Ribbon Week with an event at the Mable House Barnes Amphitheatre on October 22, 2014. The goal of this kickoff event is to get the youth involved in promoting fun activities that are safe alternatives to substance use and abuse.

The Georgia Prevention Project was in attendance and we promoted our “Not Even Once” message to more than 1,500 children. It was an opportunity for us to encourage drug prevention efforts by educating the public on the effects of meth use and prescription drug abuse.

Each year, Red Ribbon Week, which runs Oct. 23 to 31, brings schools and communities together to demonstrate their commitment to living drug-free lifestyles. The Red Ribbon serves as a catalyst to mobilize communities to educate youth and encourage participation in drug prevention activities.