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What do you think?

Approximately how many prescriptions are purchased in the U.S. each year?

A. 3,800 Nope!

About how many American (age 12 or older) abused a prescription medication in a year?

A. 7,000 Nope!
B. 70,000 Nope!
D. 7 million Correct!

What percentage of heroin users previously misuse/abused Rx drugs?

A. 15% Nope!
B. 35% Nope!
C. 50% Nope!
D. 80% Correct!

Why do teens abuse prescription drugs?

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Medicine Cabinet

America’s biggest drug problem isn’t on the streets - it’s in our medicine cabinets. In fact, the CDC has declared prescription drug abuse as a national epidemic and two-thirds of teens who report abuse of prescription pain relievers are getting them from friends and family. When prescribed by a doctor, prescription drugs are useful and serve important purposes to maintaining our health. However, we have to use them responsibly. Let's explore the medicine cabinet to see what medications are found there and what can happen when used improperly.

To learn more about the dangers of misusing and abusing Rx drugs click here.

Georgia’s Medical Amnesty Law

Don't Run - Call 911!

Georgia’s Medical Amnesty Law protects victims & callers seeking medical assistance at drug or alcohol overdose scenes.

The caller and the victim cannot be arrested, charged, or prosecuted for small amounts of drugs, alcohol, or drug paraphernalia if the evidence was obtained as a result of seeking medical assistance.

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